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     The 21st century is said frequently to be the age of photonic information network. The extensive expectation is grawing up in developing new opto-electronic materials and new devices to make the dream possible. In our lab, we are forcusing on organic materials as a promising material, which may open new avenue, for developing such new functional devices with well-defined molecular alignments.
     Our research stance is based on the viewpoint that we, chemists who provide materials, should develop not only devices but also system in advance by ourself taking the best use of new properties and new reaction discovered by ourself. When we do background science from this point of view, we can experience true joy of doing Science and can enjoy the dream of future. This is our motto.
     Let's makes your dreams held in your young time come true with us!

Our recent projects going on in this lab are as follows:

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< Basic understanding on opto-electronic properties in organic semiconductors >
 How dose the copy machine operate?
   --- Charge generation and transport in OPC ---

 100000 electrons flow by 1 photon?
   --- Photocurrent Multiplication Phenomena ---

 The method for making large solid solar cell !
   --- Organic thin film solar cell ---

Images are the ultra-high vacuum molecular beam epitaxial equipment and a smple cell of the organic photoconductor.

< Developing of Opto-electronic Devices Using Organic Functional Materials >
 It is possible to observe the invisible light !
   --- Light to light conversion devices ---

 The addition and subtraction using the light !
   --- Optical conputing devices ---

 Let's control the current by light irradiation or voltage apply !
   --- Organic transistor using charge injection ---

light-light conversion.model
Images are a photograph of the device which emits light in the different color from input light of star pattern and its schematic model.

< Development of Imaging Materials and their Applications >
 Moving 3D images in real time !
   --- Photorefractive polymer ---

 Let's make images using plastics !
   --- UV photolisys of polysilanes ---

 The novel copy system using the static electricity !
   --- Capacitor controlled degital imaging devices ---

3D hologram.color-filter
Images are a 3D hologram of 1 yen coin reproducing from the photorefractive polymer and a color filter made from the UV-photodecomposed polysialne.

MENU : Research Lab. news
Material and Life Science -> Molecular System Engineering (Research)