Biochemical Engineering Lab. (Omasa, Koga)

In this laboratory, we deal with the design, operation and optimization of bioprocesses concerned with the production of biological product by microbial and mammalian cells, including up- and down-stream processing working with industries. In this research exercise, students will be promoted to learn the research works currently performed in this laboratory and to understand the recent progress in this field.

  • Orientation of research projects in the lab and lab-trip.
  • Reading and discussion about recent research topics.

Organic Electronic Materials Science Lab. (Nakayama, Suenobu)

We have been studying optoelectronic functions of organic materials. We intend to develop new concept devices via understanding fundamental properties of organic materials. In this research exercise, students will experience fabrication and measurements on organic devices.

  • Orientation of research projects and lab tour.
  • Fabrication and measurements of organic devices.
  • Discussion and report.

Chemistry on Supramolecular Recognition Lab. (Tohnai, Hisaki)

  • Lab. tour and handling molecules with models and computational graphic tools.
  • Simple organic syntheses, crystallization of the products, various analyses of the resulting crystalline powders, and crystallographic analyses of single crystals.
  • Thinking about how molecules recognize each other and demonstration of the mechanism for supramolecular recognition.
  • Discussion and report

Chemical Biology Lab. (Kikuchi, Hori, Minoshima)

  • Introduction and laboratory tour
  • Expression and purification of recombinant proteins
  • Protein labeling with synthetic fluorescent probes
  • Discussion and report

Biofunctional Chemistry Lab. (Itoh, Sugimoto, Morimoto)

  • Introduction and laboratory tour
  • Synthetic experiments and characterization of model compounds including crystal structural determination
  • Evaluation of the model compounds in catalytic reactions.
  • Discussion and report

Advanced Engineering Physics Lab. (Takai, Kimura)

  • Introduction to our research programs and Lab. tour.
  • Preparation of Au poly-crystalline specimen for the observation by transmission electron microscope (TEM), TEM observation of Au specimen, the analysis of experimental results, and the submission of the report. (The deadline of the submission of the report is 2 week after finishing the exercise.

Photonic Information Technology Lab (Konishi)

  • Refraction, reflection, diffraction of light
  • Measurement of refractive index and absorbance
  • Construction of optical switch
  • Seminar presentation
  • Report

Applied Surface Science Lab. (Watanabe, Shimura, Hosoi)

  • Introduction of our research and laboratory tour
  • Fabrication of semiconductor devices
  • Electrical and physical characterization